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The Comfort Suites
We'd originally booked in to stay at America's Best Value Inn. We arrived, checked in and were given our keycard. When we went up to the room we were shocked to find there were two people already inside! We were a bit worried about staying there after that experience, and I could go into further details but let's just say we were put right off!

We logged onto the internet whilst sat in the car park and searched for other hotels in the area and managed to find quite a few on the same road as our two gigs so that was really useful. We pumped it in the Sat Nav and took a ride on over there to check them out. We spotted one that was directly opposite Vanelli's - the Comfort Suites. I jumped out and asked if they had any rooms available for 3 people. They did, so we decided to go in, and we were really glad we did. It was a VERY nice hotel, possibly one of the best we've stayed in so far. They also did Hors D'oevres with free beer!

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