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Vanelli's - 15th June
After a hard day's graft doing the filming, we knocked off around 3pm and were dropped back at the hotel to rest before the big show at Vanelli's. It was quite an early start at 7:30pm, so we arrived at about 6:30pm to make sure we were ready. We tuned up our guitars and were just sitting down having a beer when Vaz came over and told us to follow him. I noticed that Vitz and his girlfriend Darla were coming with us, and as we walked through the doors into the outside patio area, both the cameras were there following us. As we turned the corner we were faced with the site of a giant tour bus. Darla runs a tour bus company called Celebrity Coaches and she'd brought one of them down for us for the night, along with our very own driver, Steve, who was also the driver for Bob Dylan!

We were amazed and very grateful. It was brilliant to be shown round the bus and to be able to sit on there and chill out. We were told to wait on the bus until the start of the show and beers were brought to us. When it was time to go on we were collected from the bus and led through to the stage and announced on by Darla.

The show went really well. These great pictures below were taken by Vaz and his team...

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