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The Wes Paul Band - History

The Wes Paul Band was formed in 2006 whilst Wes Paul was still running Cavern Showcase shows in The famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. There a was requirement for a band to fill in or enable quick replacement if a band was unable to play or an extra band was used in the show. Wes Paul always ensured a tight schedule by this method to enable the show to run  to smoothly. Various backing bands were used under this guise and finally it was decided to adapt a local, well established country band called Nashville for this purpose. The band would also be used as a resident backing band for artists or individual musicians who wanted to do a one off gig.
Wes Paul gigged with "Nashville" on their usual gigs and "Nashville" reciprocated by playing as Wes Paul's backing band on weekly Cavern Showcase gigs.  Eventually - The band performed all "Cavern Showcase" gigs as "The Wes Paul Band".
During this time Becky Simpson had been organising "Rock and Indie" gigs in Manchester as well as playing drums in a Manchester based Indie band by the name of "Loose Canon"-She had been involved in this Manchester Scene since 2001 (aged 15) and whilst still attending Manchester High School for Girls.
Becky an avid Elvis and Beatles fan had always dreamed of performing at The Cavern and in 2006 attended The Mathew Street Festival for the first time. Here, fate took a hand when she met a fabulous Beatles/60s band called Flashback - she quickly became a fan and followed them on their various gigs... This led her to attend one of the "Cavern Showcases" on 9th October, 2006... She was in the Cavern band room when Wes Paul arrived for that evening's show. Wes Paul gave her the opportunity to play The Cavern that night, see figure below...

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Becy Simpson  
Becky Simpson playing Bass with The Wes Paul Band
 for the first time at a Cavern Showcase show at the famous Cavern Cub - 9th October 2006.

In February 2007, Wes asked Becky to join the band full time, along with Paul Smiley Galvin on    lead guitar. Paul Galvin has been a lead guitarist in Liverpool since the early 60s, playing in many bands including The Plassy Bags and Nashville who he played with for over ten years. It was whilst playing for Nashville that Paul and Wes first became friends.

Although they play with drummer Harry Starr in England, he was unable to attend their American tour, so they used local drummers wherever they went. Jason M Vawter played with them in Memphis and Jackson, and other drummers included Shannon and Vitz.

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