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Gig at Woody's - 14th June 2010
After spending our first night relaxing in the hotel, the first thing we did in the morning was go over to Vanelli's to talk about our plans for the filming and the show. We also met our drummer Vitz, who would be playing with us at Woody's. We were treated brilliantly by Vaz, the manager, and given a free lunch - probably the best lunch we've had on the whole trip. It was an amazing buffet with loads of vegetarian choices.

In the afternoon we had a swim in our hotel pool, then had a little sleep before the show. Tonight we played at Woody's, which was conveniently only down the road. We took a taxi there which only cost 8 dollars, although we gave 10. It was only a small audience but having said that, not bad for a Monday night! We were filmed by Ken and Rex from Vaz's film company, so performed really well for the cameras, giving an energetic performance.

After the show we were well looked after by Feather, the manageress, who cooked us some vegetarian dishes, including fried tomatoes, onion rings and fries. We also got free beers all night!

We mingled with our fans and ended up going on the karaoke and staying till about 1am! A girl stole Paul's hat...

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